The ALPHONSUS LIGUORI | Pumpkin + Vanilla Chai | Fall Collection


"God is ever beside you.” Beautiful words to think deeply on, friends. He is beside you in your work. Beside you in your play. Beside you in your struggle. Beside you in your day-to-day. Beside you in your grief. Beside you in your busy. Beside you in your sin. Beside you in your tired. Beside you in your sickness. Beside you in your sacrifice. Beside you in your excitement. Beside you in your sleep. Beside you in your joy. Beside you in your unknown.

He is ever beside you.

Not just when you’re thinking of Him too. Not just when you’re praying. Not just when you’re doing good things.

He is ever beside you.

Right beside you. Not watching you with binoculars from far away up in the clouds, taking notes about your behavior for discussion and evaluation at a later time. Not paying attention to everybody else and forgetting about you.

God is EVER. BESIDE. YOU. Those three words are worth reading again. Always, constantly, right next to YOU. Beside you. In you, even. He cannot leave you. Even when you don’t feel Him near. Friends, I don’t know what you have going on right now. Maybe a whole lot or maybe a whole lot of nothing. Whatever comes your way, call to mind His perpetual, present, and personal love for you at each moment and draw near to the Lover of your soul.

Alphonsus Liguori was one of the amazing writers of our Church. (Check out “Uniformity with God’s Will”--He has lots to say about how to fully unite yourself to the God who has united Himself to you.) He was incredibly intelligent, highly educated, and of noble lineage. He launched a successful career, but, feeling called by God, walked away from it in his late 20s to become a priest and minister to the poor. We aimed for a sophisticated scent to honor his brilliance and wisdom. Enter this exquisite blend of fall faves: nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, black tea and (naturally) pumpkin over a sweet vanilla base.