The MARY MacKILLOP | Toasted Pumpkin + Cinnamon | Fall Collection


Mary MacKillop’s words are very simple, but there is arguably not a more important reminder we could get than to “Be joyful & thank God.” Joy and gratitude are the secrets to a happy life, and we all know that both of these things don’t always come naturally. Sometimes they have to be chosen or searched for. But when we do choose joy and gratitude--when we recognize how God is working in our life and habitually thank Him for it--they make our lives a lot more serene and become easier to exercise.

God is always loving us, always working in our lives, always wanting to draw us closer to Himself. And since union with Him is what we were created for, we can always be joyful and grateful to Him. There will be sadness. There will be heartbreak. There will be frustration, anger, and disappointment. Those are guarantees. But there is always the opportunity to look at life from an eternal perspective--to see the big picture, which is the story of a God who loves us personally, perfectly and perpetually--who would do anything to be with us--who wants us to live each day in the security of His peace and joy, even when the storms of life rage.

Mary MacKillop grew up in a very poor Australian family. So poor that, as the eldest child, she had to begin working at a very young age to support her family. And instead of complaining, or dwelling in her situation, she sought out other poorer children to serve. She would dedicate her life to helping educate and feed the poor in Southern Australia as a religious sister, founding the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart to do just that. Her joyfulness and gratitude to God allowed her to receive the grace He was longing to give her and, because her heart was so open, He was able to use her in beautiful ways to care for others.

The scent profile for the Mary MacKillop is just my very favorite fall scent of all time, because her words are my favorite too. It is pumpkin, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and buttercream over a smoked wood and vanilla base.

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