The GIANNA | Cranberry + Evergreen | Winter Collection


"Live moment by moment."

St. Gianna, a brilliant doctor and mother of four, wrote that this was the key to happiness: “to live moment by moment and to thank God every day for what He is sending in His goodness.” It’s a nice thought, and something we’d probably all agree that we try to do, but if you’re anything like me, it can be a lot more difficult to live this out than it sounds at first. Especially when God sends things that aren’t exactly in line with our plans, goals, or expectations. What a challenge for our stubborn hearts to truly live in each moment, taking it for what it is and not what we wish it would be!

Here’s something to chew on: When our moments don’t line up with our expectations, do we respond with disappointment or do we respond with gratitude and thank God for His unexpected gifts? Do we double down on our futile efforts to control others, or do we focus on controlling our own behavior and response instead? Are we working daily to clear space in our hearts for God’s work to reign, even as we do our duty of diligently planning how we will serve Him with the moments He gives us?

And friends, this time of year, it’s pretty much a certainty that there will be expectations that will be dashed. Plans that will go awry. Disappointments and awkwardness and all kinds of other imperfect things as we prepare our celebrations and gather for the birth of Christ. And you know what? It’s all really very much ok. Because if we can resist the urge to control and perfect and instead “live moment by moment,” there will be lots of unexpected goodness too. Conversations. Beauty. Smiles. So many moments to be thankful for instead of upset about. Let’s try to forget about stressing over the next moments or worrying about the past moments just long enough to be fully present in the one we have right now, where we will surely encounter Jesus and each other in the deepest and most meaningful way.

Scent Profile:
cranberry, pine, fir, cinnamon, currant, vanilla