Our "Why"

The one thing we all need.

Folks, we all need encouragement. The strongest of us, the weakest of us, and the rest of us who are somewhere in between. The people hustling after huge goals and the people just plugging away in what seems like relative monotony day after day. There is not a soul on this earth that doesn’t need to know that their uniqueness is noticed, that they’re not in it alone, and that there is a way through the challenge because plainly and simply, THEY. ARE. LOVED. And I don’t know if this is as true for you as it is for me, but here’s something I’ve discovered: encouragement that comes from people who have walked a similar road before us and made it out to see the light somehow carries a weight that brings a little bit more peace. Encouragement from someone who we know we can relate to sparks a hope that nothing else can.

Enter the Saints. Because we believe in our Catholic faith that Saints rejoice in Heaven with Jesus now, perfect and spotless and holy and supremely joyful with not a care to be considered, I think sometimes they can seem a little bit out of reach to those of us who are still carrying along on the journey towards Eternal Life. But if we look closer and really dive in to their lives on earth, this really couldn’t be further from the truth. If we get to know these men and women, we find that they dealt with the same things we deal with. They had good days and bad days. They suffered (often greatly), they messed up, they got sick, discouraged, depressed, angry. There were days they didn’t want to get out of bed and days that they felt like they could move mountains. They weren’t always steady. They weren’t always as perfect as they are now. They were just like us. And by the grace of God, with the encouragement of others, they became who God created them to be.

Do you know he created all of us to be saints? Do you know that’s why God made us--all of us: to be united with Him in Heaven forever? Do you know that becoming saints is His dream for us, and the only dream we can have for ourselves that will ever satisfy our hearts? If you’re anything like me, you might forget this from time to time, from hour to hour, from minute to minute even. And that’s why I want to share Sword & Crown Candles with you. Because we need physical reminders that we have friends in Heaven who have fought the fight--the same one we’re fighting--and gained the crown and the never-ending, struggle-free happiness we all desire. And now they get to spend their days doing basically 2 things: praising Jesus and cheering us on. Encouraging us--you and me--to become who we were created to be, to join them in the place of eternal joy, to remember that we were not made for the world we’re living in now, but that living through the day to day is the only way to get where we’re going. You don’t have to be Catholic to be encouraged by these heroic men and women and by their words of love, joy, peace, and hope. They’re there for all of us because they know we need them.

My prayer is that you are reminded of these truths whenever you see or smell Sword & Crown Candles, whenever you are gifted with them, or whenever you share them with someone else who might need a small reminder that they have real people--both here on earth and in Heaven--that notice them, love them, and care enough to give the gift of encouragement.

Each of our candles is hand-poured in Wahoo, Nebraska. We take high-quality soy wax made from US grown soybeans, melt it down right in our kitchen, and add unique blends fragrance and essential oils to create uplifting and complex scent profiles that we pray will encourage your mind and heart and soul. Each candle is made to honor a Saint who has fought the fight and earned the crown of eternal joy, where they spend their eternity praising Jesus and praying for you and me. Our prayer is that each Sword & Crown Candle will encourage you on your journey and inspire you as you reflect on the words and wisdom of the heroic souls who have walked the path toward Heaven before us.