The BERNARD | Strudel + Spice | Winter Collection


"Wait upon the Lord." - St. Bernard of Clairvaux

God is never late. But His timing often doesn’t line up with ours. And so we wait. Waiting is hard, friends. And it’s getting harder as everything in the world moves faster (and faster and faster still). We don’t like waiting to begin with and on top of that, we rarely have to wait for anything anymore so we’re really out of practice.

But here’s the truth--waiting is something we’ll never avoid completely. Why? Because patience will always be necessary for our spiritual growth, and even more than that, we’re always going to be longing for something that we don’t have while we’re on earth. Because our hearts aren’t going to be totally fulfilled until we reach complete union with God in Heaven. So instead of getting bent out of shape while we’re waiting, we might as well settle in and figure out how to do it well.

The time we spend waiting can be a very meaningful time of preparation, anticipation and growth. It’s a time we can learn to rely on God fully and train our hearts to trust in the promises He has made to us. It’s not usually very fun or comfortable to be in a state of waiting, and it’s always very difficult to understand why He is asking us to wait to begin with. But we can rest in the knowledge that He is with us and He not only knows what we need (even better than we do) but exactly when need it.

This is why Advent is such a great time of year and a season worth celebrating instead of skipping. All of life is a great Advent--a time where we are preparing the way of the Lord and preparing our hearts for eternal union with Him. So it’s a great time to exercise our waiting muscles and learn the secrets of true contentment. Church Father and Doctor of the Church St. Bernard speaks to our hearts when he reminds us to, “Wait upon the Lord,” with trust, patience, and joyful anticipation.

Scent Profile:
cinnamon, sugar, apple, vanilla, butter