The ELIZABETH of the TRINITY | Cinnamon + Vanilla | Winter Collection


"Believe that He loves you." - Elizabeth of the Trinity

We spend a big chunk of this time of year thinking about giving, paying it forward, or how we can be part of spreading Christmas cheer. We plan the perfect gifts and wrap them beautifully. We dream about creating lasting memories for our families, neighbors, and those in need. These are all very beautiful things, and very much things that we’re called to do (with the right disposition of heart, of course). But we can’t forget that we also must use this time of year to grow in receptivity. ⁣

Love is a lot like breathing. In order to do it, we have to both give and receive somewhat equally. If we are to truly live the virtue of charity, we can’t just think the good we want to do in the world. We have to think about the source of all love and rest in the truth that He loves us without measure. That it was because we were in desperate need that He sent His only Son. That He did it because He loved us so much that, even though we turned away, He gave EVERYTHING to be reunited with us.⁣

Sometimes I think there are truths we hear so often that we start to ignore them. Think about how many times you’ve heard the truth that “God loves you.” But how often do you really let that truth penetrate your heart? How often do you think about making your heart ready to receive His love? How many gifts from Him have you left unopened because it makes you feel uncomfortable to be on the receiving end?⁣

If we are to truly love others, we must first learn to rest in the truth that we are loved endlessly, eternally, and unfathomably by our Creator. We have to learn to let ourselves be loved by Him. Believing He loves us can be one of the most difficult things we do, but all love starts with His, and so we must open our hearts to receive it. When we do, we can be filled with His gifts and go forth to truly share His love with others as we celebrate this most blessed season. ⁣

Scent Profile:
cinnamon, vanilla, clove, cream