The JOAN of ARC | Clove + Dark Musk | Classic Collection


What's your battle, friends? Maybe it's a physical or mental illness, maybe it's a loss, maybe it's a bad situation you don't see a way out of. The list could go on and on and on, and probably does. We all have a battle to fight, whether it be silent or out in the open.

When we face these battles, may we always be inspired by the bravery and faith and conviction of St. Joan of Arc. "I am not afraid," she said, "I was born for this." May we always face whatever comes our way with the same confidence in God's providence and love for us. May we always know this truth in the depths of our hearts: whatever we are struggling with, whatever seemingly insurmountable challenge He has placed before us, whatever battle we must fight--He has fought it first. And He will fight it for us and with us and in us and beside us. He'll never leave. He will assure our victory if we place our trust fully in Him and cast out the fear that tries to deter us from what He has called us to. Even if we don't see the victory until Heaven. If God is for us, then who can be against us? (Romans 8:31) Do we need to know anything else from Him? St. Joan of Arc didn't. She crashed glass ceilings before that was even a thing because she knew God had called her to a mission. She was so convicted of His love for her and His call on her life that she blazed a trail that was unheard of just to do what He asked. She was fearless. And fierce. And unapologetic.

He wants that for all of us, you know. So whatever battle you are facing, may you know He is with you in it and He has made you for it and He will never forsake you. May you trust in Him as you fight it, and may you be inspired by the bravery of St. Joan of Arc to dedicate yourself so fully to our Lord that fearfulness would not even enter your mind. He made you for this moment, for this battle--whatever that looks like for you--and now He wants to fight it with you. That's how His love works. Unite yourself to Him and (no matter what happens) you will never lose.

St. Joan of Arc's scent profile is as strong as she was. It's a mix of clove, saffron, peppercorn, tobacco leaf, and teakwood over a sandalwood and dark musk base. It's ready for whatever life wants to throw at it. Just like she was. And just like you are.