The JOHN PAUL II | Cedar + Vanilla | Classic Collection


If only we could see ourselves the way God sees us! If only we knew the greatness He made us for! If only we could see the place He has prepared for us! If only we knew what we are REALLY worth to Him and how deep His love for us must be that He would give us His Son and then His Son's life to save us from our own mistakes!

Although our fallen minds and hearts can't fully comprehend these things while we're here on earth, the truth is we all have, buried deep inside of us, a conviction that we were created for greatness. That we were made to be something better than what we are today. That we really "belong" somewhere else--somewhere other than this world.

This is the whole deal, friends. We are His children. He made us to wear crowns forever. He wants so desperately for us to just be with Him, so closely and intimately that He can fulfill all of our needs and desires perpetually to infinity. But we sell ourselves short of this calling all the time. We settle for what we think will fulfill us when we know it won't even come close. You're made to be royal, and knowing that your Creator made you for more than you can see is the only way you'll "Become who you are." Resting in the knowledge of His unfathomable love is the only way we can convince our sin-prone selves to stop settling for the cheap, easy, readily available comforts of this world and set our hearts and minds on a higher path that, while it maybe requires more discipline and virtue, is worthy of who we were made to be.

Pope Saint John Paul the Great inspired a generation by reminding us of these truths, and that by His grace, God will bring his plans for us to completion. We need not be afraid of the demands of our calling—we were made to be Saints!

“You come of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve. And that is both honour enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor on earth. Be content.” --CS Lewis Pope

St. John Paul II knew that connecting us with nature would inspire our hearts to the greatness that we were made for. He was also, I imagine, very sweet. So for a scent profile that honors JPII, we decided on a combination of the outdoorsy cedarwood with woodsy oak and moss notes and a sweet vanilla base.