The MONICA | Apple Cinnamon + Orange | Winter Collection


"Nothing is far from God." -Monica of Hippo

Things get mucky sometimes, don’t they? Life doesn’t always go the way it should. We don’t always make the right decisions and neither does anyone else (no matter how hard social media tries to make us believe otherwise). People disappoint us. We disappoint ourselves. We say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, wonder if we should have said or done another thing. And then we have a mess on our hands.

But friends, St. Monica has good news for us. “Nothing is far from God.” And if anyone would know, she would. She spent a very large chunk of her life praying for impossible situations to be resolved. Her difficult marriage to an angry husband. Her brilliant son who had renounced the Catholic faith and was entrenched in opposing belief systems and sinfulness. But her prayerful persistence miraculously brought both of these men back to the fullness of the faith and gave us one of the greatest minds in Church history--her son and doctor of the Church, St. Augustine.

And so when St. Monica tells us there’s no situation that God can’t fix, I believe her. She lived it. She walked it. She participated in His work. God hasn’t forgotten any situation. And if we think He has, we should double down our efforts to remind Him that we need His help like St. Monica did.

Let’s be honest. All of us have things in our life that seem too difficult to mend. It’s easy to think that God is far away from these areas of our life, but the truth is, He couldn’t be closer to us than He is in our most broken places. Nothing is far from God. Nothing is out of His reach. Nothing is too big, too messed up, too scary for our Almighty Father. For all the seemingly unresolvable situations, may we be inspired by St. Monica’s persistence. She saw the fruits of her prayers this side of Heaven. We might not have that same experience, but regardless, let’s trust like her that God cares and that He hears us.

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