The SAINT NICHOLAS | Pine + Birth | Winter Collection


The story of St. Nicholas has endured for centuries, and it’s one we can learn a lot from. St. Nicholas was a bishop in the third century whose wealthy parents died when he was young. He grew up to become the Bishop of Myra and used his inheritance to care for the poor--there are stories about how he would anonymously sneak bags of money or gold coins into people’s homes or down their chimney to help care for their needs. His kindness and generosity was widely known, and his giving was done in secret.

What we don’t often hear about St. Nicholas was that he lived in a time of great persecution for Christians. He was a fiery, ardent defender of the faith and defied many rules and edicts of the time that sought to force Christians to renounce Jesus. He spent years in prison for his refusal to give up His faith, and was admired by his people for protecting their beliefs and standing up for their way of life.

St. Nicholas is believed to have said, “The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic God’s giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.” His story calls us to rely fully on God’s grace to provide for our material and spiritual needs, and to trust in His provision and providence as we share His love with others. St. Nicholas is the perfect model of self-forgetfulness. He could have taken an easier or more comfortable path. He didn’t have to choose the life he did. He could have kept his wealth for himself, or even given just enough to “feel good,” but leaving most of it for his own desires. He could have hid from the Great Persecution or renounced his faith in order to avoid prison or fit in. But instead he chose to live a life of complete sacrifice in order to care for others and point them to Jesus. May we be inspired to give until it hurts a bit as Jesus (and the original St. Nicholas) did.

Scent Profile:
pine, cypress, eucalyptus, cedar, amber, lemon peel