The PADRE PIO | Teakwood + Cedar | Classic Collection


"Pray, hope, and don't worry." These words from Padre Pio are always beautiful to hear when what I really, really need to to just...simplify. And, let's be honest, who among us couldn't use more simplicity? There's always so much to accomplish, and so much noise in the world, and really--so many things to worry about! If we forget who we are and whose we are, things can start to get pretty convoluted in our heads and hearts.

Friends, I know you'll agree that Jesus always makes things simpler than we make them. Not always easier, but definitely simpler. The truth is any worry or problem can really be solved by adopting the simple words of Padre Pio, "Pray, hope & don't worry."

Padre Pio was amazing, by the way. He was a miracle man. So holy that he was able to levitate, read souls, bilocate, and, on at least one occasion, was able to live off of only daily Communion for 20 days at a time with no other food or nourishment. As a spiritual director, he showed people how to encounter life with the realization that everything is in God's hands and we must simply pray that God's will be done. He freed people from worry by reinforcing that if the true desire of our hearts is to please God and we're acting according to the teachings He's given us, we don't need to worry about decisions we need to make or how to handle anything life throws at us. We only need to recognize that God is in control of everything, big or small, and know that He sees the desire to please Him in our hearts. And for Him, that is enough.

We wanted this scent profile to be as calming as it is uplifting, to honor the peaceful heart of the amazing St. Pio of Pietrelcina, and his famous words that remind us to give everything to God, have hope in His goodness, and relax in the knowledge that He has everything in His hands. To accomplish this, we used a mix of teakwood, clove, cedar, and leather with a patchouli and musk base, topped off with the slightest hint of orange.