The PETER | Sea Salt + Amber | Classic Collection


He guards the gates of Heaven now, but I think it's so beautiful that throughout the gospels, we see Peter so dang real. Here is a guy who was literally, at one moment, 1000% all-in with following Jesus--ready to drop his fishing nets, walk on water, even cut off a guy's ear (!) out of love for Christ--and the next, not so much. He famously and super publicly denied Jesus; he gave up following Jesus and went back to his old job after Jesus died on the cross AND rose from the dead AND came to visit him and the other disciples a bunch of times; and in some of his last conversations with Jesus before His Ascension, it's pretty obvious that he just really did NOT get what Jesus was talking to him about.

But you know what he got? Love. Love of Jesus, and love of others. He got that really well, and that was enough. Enough for Jesus to give him maybe the most important job in the world besides his own (ok, and Mary's)—leader of the early Church—the first Pope. He messed up a lot, but Jesus knew that his heart understood love. He told us in his letter in the New Testament that we must "love one another deeply," because love covers a multitude of sins.

If we're honest, we're probably all a little more like St. Peter than we want to be. A little flaky, prone to not "getting it," maybe a little more hot mess-y than we'd like to let on. But deep love covers a multitude of sins, a multitude of failings, a multitude of weaknesses. Deep love is mercy, and guys, we ALL need that kind of love, and we all need to know how to give it.

Since Peter had a connection with the sea, we went with a sea salt top over and amber base with notes of cardamom, ozone, plum, and citrus. This is definitely on the masculine side when it comes to scent profiles, but since St. Peter was and is "the man," it couldn't be more fitting.